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ReadyLIFT® Suspension Inc. (ReadyLIFT) has unilaterally decided that its business interests are best served through the adoption of a minimum advertised price ("MAP") policy for its products. ReadyLIFT designs, manufactures and markets products under the ReadyLIFT premium brand, which identifies those products to the consuming public as having characteristics of excellence and superior quality. ReadyLIFT has invested significant resources in product innovation, development and marketing to build and maintain its reputation for high quality and to generate goodwill in all the ReadyLIFT brands. This MAP policy is designed to: (1) help ensure its products' quality, reliability, and safety; (2) support the ReadyLIFT's brand as a premium product offering; and (3) support ReadyLIFT wholesalers and retailers to provide top-level service to their customers. This MAP policy has been unilaterally developed and adopted by ReadyLIFT and will be unilaterally enforced by ReadyLIFT. The business relationship between ReadyLIFT and each of its wholesalers and retailers remains an "at will" business relationship. ReadyLIFT reserves the right to terminate such business relationships without cause and at any time.

For more info download the documents below:

MAP Policy

MAP Product Sheet